Why this podcast? Why now?

The world is changing fast. Manufacturing is no exception. A few manufacturers are embracing change and adapting at warp speed. The rest are either making a bold attempt or cautiously dipping a toe, unsure how to keep up.

Younger generations are stepping up to fill some senior shoes and a first order of business is to align sales and marketing. And some are implementing a real marketing system for the first time since the company’s inception.

Senior leaders don’t fully understand or embrace it and are cautious to buy-in.


Good news! There’s a solution.

Dispel the myths and uncover the opportunities from the inside out. With courageous conversations that help manufacturers GET REAL — expertise, exchange and exposure.

Who better than a Unicorn (former industry CEO with the insider knowledge and know-how) and a Trailblazer (seasoned marketing leader who specializes in manufacturing).

Both with a heart for service and a head for business. Neither one afraid to say what everyone is thinking. Recognizing the patterns, trends and pitfalls impacting today’s manufacturers.

Time is precious. Let’s move the needle and make a difference in just 30 minutes a week!

‘Cause what got you here won’t get you there. #MFGOutLoud



Ray Ziganto

Founder and President, Linara International


Dubbed the ‘Unicorn,’ Ray has worked on both sides of the manufacturing fence for more than 30-years. As a former CEO he knows first-hand what it takes to run a successful organization and as a consultant to countless small to mid-sized manufacturers he understands the limitations and barriers to change and growth.

As the President of Linara International, he helps manufacturers and tech innovators compete globally by anticipating and managing the organizational change associated with technology innovation.

Where others see chaos, Ray sees opportunity.



Allison DeFord

Founder and Trailblazer, Felt Marketing


Allison and her award-winning team are on a mission to strengthen the heart and soul of manufacturing for generations. Helping legacy brands modernize in a digital world and profit for nearly 30 years.

She uses her platform to amplify the voice of women in manufacturing—breaking down stereotypes and inspiring future generations.

Fueled by Starbucks, she never settles for lukewarm and admittedly geeks out over gears, tools, wood, and really nice pens.